Bahcesehir College Continues to Progress in Europe

Bahcesehir College, which participated in the 2019–2020 season for the first time in european cups and reached the semi-finals of the FIBA Europe Cup tournament, will participate in the EuroCup, one of the most important european championships next season.

He started his sports life in the Second Division, promotion to the Super League in his first year, 3. Bahcesehir College, which also managed to take the field in the FIBA Europe Cup, is now on its way to the EuroCup.

Bahcesehir College Chief Executive Officer Huseyin Yucel, said he was proud of the success of his team.

Yucel, ”Our team 4. He’s starting his season. When I look at the past years, I see that we don’t count where we are. Every year and always we strive to be better, and we continue to strive in this path. As a college team, we’ve managed to be more successful. Representing our country in Europe outside the Turkish League was one of the most important goals we wanted to achieve since we were founded. As a matter of fact, we competed very successfully in the Euro Cup last year and reached the semi-finals.We will continue our struggle if the unfinished league continues due to the corona virus and hopefully we will win the cup to our country. We will continue this goal in the EuroCup, the arm of europe’s most important basketball championship, the EuroLeague. We want to represent our country with our team that we have established with more Turkish players in such a large organization. It’s going to be a tough and tough league, but we’re ready with our young, dynamic games. I hope that with the achievements we will achieve, we will guruuate the Bahcesehir family. We live when we rejoice in the fans, the majority of the greatest happiness of children.

Bahcesehir College coach Zafer AktaÅŸ said they were one of the most moving teams during the summer transfer period.

AktaÅŸ, ”Despite being a young and new club to enter the EuroLeague organization is a great success for us. First the second division, then the Basketball Super League, the FIBA Europe Cup and now the EuroCup. With each past year, we aim for an ongoing success by putting it on and gaining experience. EuroCup is a great organization where competition has been at its highest level for years. In order to bring this trophy back to Turkey, we have worked to create a highly competitive squad in both ing basketball super league and eurocup and we are still working. With the request and support of our Chief Executive Officer Huseyin Yucel, we have carried out our work through Turkish and young players for next season.We spent the time at home due to the corona virus and completed most of our transfers in the process. Jamal Jones, Alex Perez, Hadi Özdemir, Ridvan Öncel, Deniz Kılıçlı, Burak Can Yildiz, Erkan Yilmaz, Josh Owens, Peyton Aldridge are the names we have added to our squad so far and I am very hopeful of all of them. With our group of players aiming for success, we will go towards our goal. In addition, we have strengthened our foreign players squad by growing our budget and we are confident that they will add strength to our team.”he said.