Countdown started in NBA

A 3-month camp has started for NBA matches that everyone is eagerly awaiting. Players who reach the facility in Orlando do not seem satisfied with the conditions.

Players who will go to camp for about 3 months at Walt Disney facilities do not give up the measure. In addition, the players did not hide some of their dissatisfaction in their posts on social media. It seems that they are not satisfied with their rooms in the facilities.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ guard, Rajon Rondo, reacted to the NBA administration, sharing a picture of his room compared to a 3-star hotel chain.

Denver Nuggets guards Troy Daniels pointed out that the menu was inadequate. It seems that the players complain about the meals.
Upon racism in the US, players from Pacers entered the premises with T-shirts that were written by George Floyd’s last words.

The season, which will start again in the NBA, will end on October 12 at the latest with the final series.