Fenerbahçe Beko: Thank you Kalinic!

Fenerbahce Beko Men’s Basketball Team, Valencia Basketball Team signed with serbian player Kalinic twitter account for the thank you message posted.

Yellow-navy club said in a statement, fenerbahce for 5 years, the 28-year-old successful player who has been fighting under the path said that the paths. “Nikola Kalinic, who is one of the most important representatives of our team’s warrior identity during his time sweating the barred jersey, contributed to the team character of our team along with his determination and energy, and has managed to be one of the most important figures in Europe in both Fenerbahce Beko and his position. The contributions of Nikola Kalinic, who has played a part in all the achievements achieved, including our historic Turkish Airlines Europa League championship, will not be forgotten. We would like to thank our esteemed player Nikola Kalinic and wish him success in the new period of his career.”