Russell Westbrook’s coronavirus test is positive

Breaking news … Russell Westbrook, who was wearing the Houston Rockets shirt in the NBA, was burned to the coronaviruse, and Russell Westbrook announced that the Kovid-19 test was positive and was in quarantine.

Breaking news … Russell Westbrook, a star basketball player who played in the Houston Rockets of the NBA team, announced that he was caught in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19). Giving information about his health status from his social networking site Twitter account, Westbrook proved positive for the Kovid-19 test I had before my team went to Orlando. I feel good now. I got into quarantine. I look forward to healing and joining the lot. ‘ wrote his message.

Russell Westbrook, 31-year-old basketball player, advising his fans to take the epidemic seriously, ‘Thank you for your good wishes and support. Please take this virus seriously. Pay attention to your safety and wear a mask! ‘ used expressions.

The 2019-2020 season, which was suspended due to a coronavirus outbreak in the NBA, will restart with matches that 22 teams will compete in Orlando as of July 31.