2nd and 3rd. Leagues Announced To Be Finished

Turkish Football Federation said in a statement, TFF 2. League, TFF 3.Lig and Regional Amateur Leagues covid-19 outbreak due to the unfinished seasons decided not to play.

TFF Chairman Nihat Özdemir, vice presidents Servet Yardımcı, Mehmet Baykan, board member Hamit Altintop, 2. And third grade. League Handles Association President Volkan Can, board members and club presidents attended the meeting in Riva.

At the meeting, the clubs demanded that the season not continue, the issue of formalization was left to the Board of Directors of TFF said.

“As a result of mutual agreement with the representatives of the club, the TFF Board of Directors evaluated the request and TFF 2. League and TFF 3. The league also decided not to play Sports Toto Regional Amateur Leagues. TFF’s decision on the registration format of the leagues will be announced in the coming days. We wish the decision to be good for our clubs and Turkish football.”

July 1st, 2020