Arsenal’s opponent was Manchester City in the semifinals

Manchester City reached the semi-finals by beating Newcastle United 2-0 in the Federation Cup quarter-final match.

Manchester City, St. He was a guest of Newcastle United at James Park Stadium.

Manchester City closed the first half with 1-0 advantage with Kevin de Bruyne’s goal in the 37th minute.

Raheem Sterling went ahead 2-0 with a goal scored in the 68th minute and the match was completed with a score of 2-0.

Manchester City became the last team in the Federation Cup to write its name to the semifinals.

Semi-final matches have been announced

Semi-final matches were realized as Manchester United – Chelsea, Manchester City – Arsenal.

Federation Cup semi-final matches will be played on July 18 – 19, and the final match will be played on August 1 at Wembley Stadium.