Aston Villa demolish Arsenal with Trezeguet goal

Aston Villa have boosted their hopes of staying in the Premier League by demolishing Arsenal with trezeguet’s goal.

Arsenal (37th) of the Premier League During the week of the match, he was a guest of Aston Villa.

Aston Villa’s arsenal knocked down the goal came from Trezeguet, who has appeared in the Super League for Kaspasa in the past years.

The Egyptian star met the ball at the back post after the used corner kick sent the ball into the net with a neat shot.

With this win, Aston Villa increased their lead to 34 points and increased their struggle to stay in the Premier League and finished 17th. he’s moved up to the lineup. Arsenal finished 10th with 53 points. Order.

West Ham will host Aston Villa next week. Arsenal will host Watford, who are struggling to stay in the relegation.