Barcelona recommends Philippe Coutinho to Arsenal and Newcastle United

Barcelona proposed Coutinho to Arsenal and Newcastle United to create a transfer budget and create vacancies in the squad.

Barcelona wants to sell Coutinho, which he added to his squad from Liverpool in 2018 and rented to Bayern Munich in the 2019-20 season.

He proposed Barcelona Philippe Coutinho to Arsenal and Newcastle United, aiming to create a budget to transfer Lautaro Martinez from Inter.

The Catalans decided that the best option for Coutinho is the Premier League. Considering Arsenal and Newcastle United’s interest in the player in the past, he suggested the Brazilian football player to these clubs according to the information obtained from the goal sources.

The Barcelona administration is also aware that Coutinho, who performed 9 goals and 9 assists in 35 games and could not give what he wanted in the Bavarian team, will have difficulties in finding a European team that can cover the salary and transfer fee.