Bayern Munich’s Halil Altintop became coach

Our former National footballer Halil Altıntop rolled up his sleeves to start his career as an assistant coach in the infrastructure of Germany’s giant Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich, again a Bundesliga champion this season, announced that Halil Altıntop will be the assistant of the U16 team coach Alexander Moj in the new season.

Speaking to the club’s website, our former national player Halil Altıntop said, “Bayern infrastructure is one of Europe’s best addresses for young talents. I took on a task that excited me. I am very happy to be a part of this team. ”

Halil Altıntop started his coaching career in Stuttgart, finally running the Schwaben Augsburg club.

In his professional career, 37-year-old football player who played 351 games in Bundesliga, also wore the National Team jersey 38 times.
In addition, Halil Altıntop’s twin brother, Hamit Altıntop, played in Bayern Munich between 2007 and 2011.