Caner Erkin is not shared

Caner Erkin, who will leave the black and white team at the end of the season, is not shared. Fenerbahce after Galatasaray’s 32-year-old football player was learned to aspire.

For a long time, the name of fenerbahce, the name of the successful left-back, in principle, demanding a raise on the fee mentioned in the fenerbahce thought.

Caner’s yellow navy blue club, Demir Group Sivasspor Mert Hakan YandaÅŸ’a offered annual fee requested, this was claimed by President Ali Koç.

While there was a disagreement between the parties about the wage, galatasaray stepped in. Sarkı red team, the football player’s manager in negotiations with the basis of the agreement was created.

Caner Erkin’s transfer to Galatasaray, the experienced player will wear the yellow red jersey again after a 10-year hiatus.