Cengiz Under’s transfer to Napoli

Medipol Basaksehir President, Göksel Gumusdag, Cengiz Ãœnder’ın said that the situation of going to Naples.

TRT Sports, Super League championship reached Medipol Basaksehir’da president Göksel Gumusdag, was a guest. Göksel Gumusdag, Cengiz Ãœnder could transfer to Naples, he said.

Göksel Gumusdag in the program, the national star Cengiz Ünder who plays for Roma, said that the player is close to Napoli in the transfer.

President Gumusdag “We sold Genghis Under 15 million euros to Rome. There is also the situation of going to Naples, and we will get money from there,” he said.