Fatih Terim’s rebellion against Muslera position: ”Okay. But how far?”

The experienced coach criticized the referees for muslera’s injury position.

Super League 27. Teakur Rizespor’a 2-0 score in the match of the week lost to Galatasaray’s Coach Fatih Terim made statements after the match.
The experienced coach told the broadcaster, Muslera’s tibia was broken about the position stated: ” ‘Unfortunately, like Emre Vulture, muslera’s foot was broken from the same place. Andone’s got a knee ligament rupture, both of which are very important losses. Muslera in particular is a big loss for us. Muslera was one of the hardest hit by this rule. They both closed the season.
The rule says “Continue,” but if two players are 1.5 meters and the obvious offside, you’re going to pull the flag. He says play rules, okay. But how far? Until his foot breaks?’

As a team, Caykur Rizespor’dan more bad fight indicating that the term ”we did not play well was the match. Congratulations to Rizespor. Whether there was a penalty or not, the authorities will decide. Rizespor played better than us. It’s not just three points. We lost four players today,” he said.