Fenerbahce on the Circuit for Sinan Gümüş

Fenerbahce last season sweated the jersey of rival Galatasaray and is currently performing well for Antalyaspor Sinan Gümüş’ın moved for the transfer.

Fenerbahce wants to finish the new season’s squad structure early, wants to add sinan Gümüş to the squad located in The Italian club Genoa. This season, Antalyaspor caught a terrific output with Sinan transfer period will surely be one of the remarkable players.

The 26-year-old syllad player, who is in Genoa and plays on loan at Antalyaspor, stands out for his performance of 5 goals and 1 assist in 9 league games. Sinan Gümüş transferred to Genoa from Galatasaray last season for free.

Fenerbahce, however, offered genoa to pay a fee of 750 thousand euros per year for the transfer of Sinan. Yellow Navy team can not get the testimonial, it is claimed that the rental formula will be activated.