Fenerbahce surprise separation, Max Kruse left the team!

Fenerbahce, German player Max Kruse’nin contract unilaterally announced that the termination.

In a statement, the club said: “Football A team players Max Kruse, our club has unilaterally terminated the contract with the club reported. Our club does not owe the footballer any debt sits before the pandemia process. In terms of payments that correspond to the Pandemi process, he has left the negotiations with him in the light of the FIFA and TFF circuses unanswered.” He explained.

Fenerbahce said that the decision of the termination of this surprise will bring to the judiciary

German player Max Kruse’s decision to terminate, said in a statement that they were unfair, “In this context, the termination carried out is unfair and unfounded in our country. The issue will be moved to the sports judiciary and any initiative stake will be made for the interests of our club.” In this direction, he issued his statement.
Fenerbahce’s number 10 played in 20 games in the Super League this season with 7 goals and 6 assists.