Manchester City smother EdLiverpool, Premier League Champions

Manchester City made a show on their home turf when they hosted Liverpool. Pep Guardiola’s students beat champions Liverpool 4-0 with a different score.

Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola made the remarks after their 4-0 win over Liverpool, who have declared their Premier League title.

Pep Guardiola, who said they performed very well in the match, “We beat the champion, an extraordinary team. We played bravely, so were they. We tried to play our football and took risks.”

Despite Liverpool’s announcement of the championship, Guardiola said:

“They were pressing very hard but we did very good work in the narrow area. That was important to us. We applauded Liverpool on the way to the match, but they were so concentrated that they didn’t even thank us.
We’ve seen how eager they are in the game. They had a lot of beer until they got here this week, but they didn’t have alcohol in their blood when they came here. That’s why I’m celebrating my team.”