Manchester United Formda

Manchester United beat Aston Villa comfortably to keep their first four league races in the league.

It was the 34th game in the Premier League. During the week, Manchester United faced Aston Villa. United won 3-0 at Villa Park, extending their league unbeaten streak to 10 games, while finishing seventh in this period. he won.

In the 27th minute, Manchester United won a penalty shootout in a controversial position, and Bruno Fernandes converted the shot into a goal: 1-0.

Young star Mason Greenwood took a hard shot over the penalty area line in the final minute of the first half to move the score to 2-0.

It’s the 58th game of the match. Paul Pogba scored 453 days later. The French star returned to the field well after the injury, Fernandes’
assist from outside the penalty area by taking his shot into the corner made the score 3-0.

In the minutes of the match, the score remained unchanged, manchester united extended their unbeaten streak to 17 matches and failed to score in 12 of them.

Aston Villa won the 19th game. 17, while remaining with 27 points. The difference in points with the next watford has increased to four. United, competing for the top four, finished fifth with 58 points. completed the week.

United will host Southampton next week. Villa will host Crystal Palace on the pitch.