Onyekuru shock to Galatasaray

Onyekuru, who joined the team in yellow red in the middle of the season on loan from Monaco from France, was recalled by Monaco because his contract expired after July 1.

As Monaco completed the French league due to coronavirus, Galatasaray midfielder Onyekuru’yu with the completion of the contract called back to the team.

Galatasaray Club, the successful player to continue the remainder of the season contacted Monaco. If an agreement is reached between the clubs, Onyekuru will be able to play in the last 5 matches.

“FIFA’s decision is not binding, the decision to recommend”

Sports Lawyer Ersin Hamarat said in a statement that FIFA’s decision on contracts in the COVID-19 process is not binding and is a recommendation.

Continuing with the following statements, Hamarat , unless a new contract is not made between the clubs, the main club has the right to call the player. The question here is who’s going to pay a month’s fee.’