Qataris bid for Göztepe: $150M

Qatar is a giant registered company has submitted an offer to buy Göztepe. Yellow – Red Izmir team chairman Mehmet Sepil’ın said that the sale is not warmly welcomed, according to the information reached qatar company was preparing to offer a giant offer of 150 Million Dollars learned.

Qatari investors who want to buy important sports clubs all over the world have set their sights on Super League team G̦ztepe this time. Completing their research, the company stated that it was in contact with G̦ztepe Chairman Mehmet Sepil, prepared to offer between 100 Р150 million Dollars.

Sepil announced that he would not sell Göztepe at every opportunity and was reported to be not looking forward to the sale in the first place. However, the club losses over 50 million TL each year. Due to the decrease in revenues, the president is said to be evaluating the possibility of sales. If the sale is made, Mehmet Sepil will remain the club president for another 3 years.

Successful businessman Mehmet Sepil bought Göztepe in 2014 for $7.5 million and assumed all the club’s debts. As a result of the serious restructurings it initiated, it will take Göztepe to the second world war in 3 years. He took it from the League to the Super League and ended the 14-year Super League longing for izmir club.