Real Madrid Leader

Real Madrid returned from the away game with three points, sit in the lead with a double-header.

It’s the 30th time in La Liga. In the week, Real Madrid defeated Real Sociedad 2–1 to take the lead.

Sergio Ramos from a penalty in the 50th minute and Karim Benzema’s goals in the 70th minute gave Real Madrid three points.

Real Sociedad’s goal was 83. Mikel Merino recorded it in the minute.

Match referee Estrada Fernandez went to VAR twice and scored Real Sociedad’s goal in the 68th minute because the position was offside and the 70th minute was an null. At the end of the check on the suspicion that Karim Benzema’s position was being played by hand, he counted the goal as valid.

Real Madrid, who left the difficult fight with a 2–1 win, rose to 65 points.

Barcelona closed the week with 1 point away, while Real Madrid took the lead in the double.

Real Sociedad finished 7th with 47 points. fell to the queue.
The match began at 22:00 local time, but due to the hot weather, the referee who stopped the game briefly in the first and second half of the match allowed the players to drink water.