Werder Bremen Stays in the Bundesliga

Germany 1. The league is the 16th in the Bundesliga. Werder Bremen, Germany 2. League 3. Heidenheim, who finished next, drew 2–2 in a rematch with Heidenheim to stay in the Bundesliga.

The first game of the play-out match was 0-0 on Werder Bremen’s pitch. Heidenheim’s rematch on the field ended 2-2, reaching a happy ending with the advantage of an away goal and remaining in the Bundesliga.

Guest crew Werder Bremen, 3. In the minute, Norman Theuerkauf’s own goal closed the first half with a 1-0 lead. Home team Heidenheim, 85. Tim Kleindienst’s goal in the minute gave him a 1-1 lead.

Werder Bremen breathed a sigh of relief with Ludwig Augustinson at 90+4, but 3 minutes later, Heidenheim made it 2-2 with a penalty kick, but Werder failed to beat Bremen and again in the second half of the competition for Germany. He’s going to keep in the league.