We’re not going to be devastated by this draw.

In the 28th week of the Super League, Trabzonspor drew 2-2 away to Aytemiz Alanyaspor. After the match, Bordo blues coach Huseyin Çimşir answered questions.

Hussein ÇimÅŸir emphasized that they will continue the championship race until the last moment ”we left 2 points, but we lost a significant advantage as of the result. We’ll have six more encounters. We’ll continue the championship race until the last moment. We will fight to the end as a team,”he said.

The first half of the match was taken from the game with an injury, Ugurcan Cakir’s situation is related to ”Ugurcan’s groin has a tear. I’m guessing it’ll be clearer tomorrow. It would not be right to say anything clearly for now,” he said.