Ziraat Turkey Cup semi-final

Fenerbahce will host Trabzonspor in the semi-final rematch match.
In the match, the referee will be Cüneyt Cakir.

Fenerbahce aims to end the longing for the cup by winning the match by making its name in the final.

Trabzonspor, on the other hand, aims to leave its opponent out of the lane using the advantage of a 2-1 score.

Trabzonspor will make its name in the final in case of a draw and victory, Fenerbahce will be the side that skips the round in case of a 1-0 result by winning by 2 or more. If the match is completed in favor of Fenerbahce 2-1, an extension will be played.

The fight will be broadcast on ATV on Tuesday, June 16 (tonight) at 8:45 pm.
You can watch the webcast on ATV WebTv.

Fenerbahce: Altay, Dirar, Serdar, Falette, Hasan Ali, Emre (Tolga), Gustavo, Mehmet, Ferdi, Rodrigues, Muric

Trabzonspor: Ugurcan, Pereira, Campi, Da Costa, Novak, A.Parmak, Sosa (Ndiaye), Abdulkadir Ömür, Ekuban, Nwakaeme, Sirloth

Trabzonspor Jose Sosa is not included in the match squad due to injury, but the situation is expected to be determined at the time of the match.
Also, the other 3 names that will not be included in the match squad due to injury : Yusuf Sari, Kamil Ahmet Donutci and Ahmet Canbaz.

Yellow-navy blue Ozan Tufan will not be able to play in the match because of the penalty. Another name that will not take part in the fight against health reasons is Max Kruse.