Leader Hamilton in Hungary

In the third race of the 2020 Formula One season, the Mercedes – AMG Petronas team won a double victory on the podium again.

Hamilton, the British driver of the Mercedes team at the Hungarian Grand Prix, finished third in the third race of the season, starting from pole position. After team-mate Valtteri Bottas finished third, Mercedes continued to lead the brands with valuable points. As a result of the race, Hamilton won the points, beating his teammate to win the top of the pilots’ rankings.

Hamilton won the race, where he maintained his dominance from start to finish, to claim his 86th victory of his career. Lewis Hamilton is the 90th time before the Macariston GP. He said pole position was above his dreams.
He started the race in second place but was ranked 8th after suffering a departure problem on the wet ground. Bottas, who fell to the top of the lineup, showed steady rise in the second half. Third behind next-row Max Verstappen. he’s managed to complete it.

Max Verstappen, who finished seventh in the qualifying laps, crashed into the barriers on the way to the track. However, after Red Bull’s run, they rushed RB16 into the race. Verstappen, who finished in line with his excellent performance in the first round, managed to maintain his position until the end of the race. With this performance, he was chosen by fans at the Hungarian GP of the day.

Ferrari drivers Vettel and Charles Leclers, who got off to a good start to the race, failed to get the result they wanted in the rest of the race due to the wrong tyre selection and pit stop strategies. Vettel, who was caught in traffic after a pit stop, finished sixth. Leclerc, who used soft tyres instead of rain tyres and lost a lot of time unable to enter the pit because they were waiting for the rain, was 11. finished in the queue.

Pilots ranking after the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix:

  1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 63 Points
  2. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): 58 Points
  3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull): 33 Points
  4. Lando Norris (McLaren): 26 Points
  5. Alexander Albon (Red Bull): 22 Points
  6. Sergio Perez (Racing Point): 22 Points