BIG Rise in CS:GO World Rankings!

The BIG team, which included our successful representative Xantares, has risen in the rankings.

World-famous CS:GO news and content source announced the new CS:GO world ranking points from June 22, 2020. In a statement on his official Twitter account, there are big changes in the ranking.

In the astralis team, which has been strong for many years and has never left the first place, it seems that some players’ break for health reasons has had a big impact on the rankings. 1 for years. The team ranked 7th due to recent events.

Xantares’ team has had a big impact on the rise of the eye-catching performance in recent times. 8 in the rankings. The big team, which is rising to the top, is showing an effective point increase and rise. Woxic’s other representative, the mousesports team, failed to make the top 10 in the June rankings.

June 25th, 2020