First Week Completed in PUBG CS1 Finals.

Our representatives Blaze Esports and the Istanbul Wildcats competed in the PUBG Confidential Series 1 Finals, the first week of the struggles ended.

The first week matches of the PCS1 Finals were played on 27 – 28 June 2020. Team Liquid finished first in the first week of the tournament, which was contested by Europe’s leading teams with 93 points. Ence team was second with 82 points and the TSM team took third place with 77 points.

Our successful representatives, Blaze Esports, managed to score 65 points from their matches, scoring the first week in the fourth round. finished in the queue.
The team finished first in the giant tournament, which has a $200,000 prize pool, especially on the second day of the first week.

Our other representative, the Istanbul Wildcats, finished the first week with 35 points and 13th. finished in the queue. The team that has yet to advance its success in the previous round to the finals is a question of what will do in the next matches.

The second week of the PCS1 Finals, where 16 teams are competing, will be played on 4-5 July, and after a two-day battle, the champion is certain.

The current score status is:

You can follow the PCS1 Finals second week matches live on twitch on the ESports page.

June 29th, 2020