Formula 1 2020 Season First Winner: Bottas

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas won the first race of the 2020 Formula One season at the Austrian Grand Prix.

The first race of the season in Formula One, which was due to start in Australia in March but was decided to postpone and cancel due to the corona virus outbreak, began with a 71-lap race at the Red Bull Circuit.

Bottas, who started racing in pole position, said the checkered flag was a 1st-century flag. Team-mate Lewis Hamilton finished second in the race.

Red Bull driver Alexander Albon was suspended for the fourth time after a 5-second penalty for contacting him. fell to the queue.

Hamilton’s penalty followed by a third-round finish. Charles Leclers, who finished second, took the podium. Thus, Ferrari made an important start after a bad Saturday.

McLaren’s 20-year-old Great Britain driver Lando Norris had his first podium joy in his career.

Daniil Kvyat, Alex Albon, Kimi Raikkonen, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen were early finals without seeing the checkered flag.

Race result:

  1. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): 25 Points
  2. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): 18 Points
  3. Lando Norris (McLaren): 16 Points
  4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 12 Points
  5. Carlos Sainz (McLaren): 10 Points

The second race of the 2020 season will take place in Australia on Sunday, July 12.