European Championship Program of National Volleyball Teams Announced

The fixture of 2021 CEV European Volleyball Championship Qualifiers postponed due to corona virus has been announced.

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) determined the groups in line with the European country ranking. In this ranking, our National Men’s Volleyball team will compete against Group North Macedonia, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the European Championship Qualification, which will be organized as two tournaments, the top 5 and second group winners will participate in the European Championship Finals organized by Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland in 2021.

The 2021 CEV European Championship Qualification groups are as follows:

Group A: Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia
Group B: Bulgaria, Austria, Israel
Group C: Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Group D: Spain, Latvia, Republic of Moldova, Cyprus
Group E: Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Albania
Group F: Greece, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Group G: Belarus, Portugal, Norway, Hungary

Men’s National Volleyball Team’s C Group matches program is:

07-10 January 2021 (Denmark)

Match 1: Turkey – Denmark
Match 2: Northern Macedonia – Turkey
Match 3: Turkey – Bosnia and Herzegovina

14-17 January 2021 (Northern Macedonia)

Match 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Turkey
Match 5: Turkey – Northern Macedonia
Match 5: Turkey – Northern Macedonia