NFL Prep Camps Begin!

It has been officially announced that the preparatory camps of the American National Football League teams will start on July 28. NFL, which made plans to open the season on September 10, informed the general managers and head coaches of the 32 teams via e-mail. Disclosure in e-mail:

“The preparatory camp dates for 2020 in the league meeting on Friday, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the members, are as follows:
Rookies – July 21
Quarterbacks and injured players – July 23
All other players – July 28 ”

After this announcement, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans rookies announced that they will come to the camp from Monday, July 20.

In addition, negotiations are still ongoing between the NFL and the players’ union for the importance of Covid-19 in the camps. After the news that the preparatory camps will start in the press, many players stated that NFL is still not taking enough measures for Covid-19. The players stated that they wanted measures to start the season at normal time.

Due to the pandemic, teams can have a maximum of 20 players on the premises. With the NFL Players Association signing the contagious disease plan, it remains a matter of curiosity how the camps will be realized with this limitation.