Vestel’s Cup Vestel’e Registrations Started!

Vestel, which has a great impact on the spread and development of Espor in Turkey, has published its esports tournament dates. Between 29 June and 12 July, FIFA brings the excitement of Esports lovers to its peak with two tournaments, including PUBG between July 6th and July 12th. The deadline for participating in the tournaments is June 27 for the FIFA tournament, 4 July for PUBG.

Vestel, which has continued its important contributions to sports, volleyball and basketball sports for many years, has also been organizing its own Esports tournament. For FIFA and PUBG games, which are loved by millions, the prizes at Cup Vestel are waiting for their successful players.

The qualifiers for the PUBG tournament, in which 6 professional teams of Turkey will participate in the final, will be 4 days. It’s the final day. first 6,000 TL at the end of the day, second 2,500 TL, third $1,000 and fourth

He will be the winner of the 500 TL prize.
The excitement of FIFA will continue with two tournaments. The first game will be in FUT mode, while FIFA players from all levels will be able to participate in the second tournament in the FIFA challenge against professional players and will carry out a first in this way. A total of TL 3,000 will be awarded for both FIFA tournaments. First prize will be 2,000 TL and the second prize will be 1000 TL.

Players wishing to participate in the tournament can apply to Cup Vestel from until July 4.
June 25th, 2020